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FOX Business
Jun 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
in the way of strength six months out. >> i think the market raises strong free economy. hastens the day that the fed starts tightening. add to that bernanke's laying down of punitive timetables which he said umpteen times is tentative. may not to a defense and the economy. the market does not want to hear any of that. if he says that the assumption is, oh, he will stop doing it tuesday are something like that, which is that going to. lou: he made big references to inflation. he made references to unemployment or at least the six and half percent level as part of construction for his decision . is a little surprising to me. and it suggested that he does want to accelerate things year. are there signs that this quantitative easing combined purchasing program, this is having a negative, a deleterious effect on the fed's goals? >> i do not believe so. it is not -- it is not the sort of thing you would think would drive down inflation. inflation has fallen well below the fed's goal, but -- but the people who are worried about qe are worried about the other direction, inflationary. it probabl
FOX Business
Jun 22, 2013 4:00am EDT
in the largest wely gain in four years. the sooner the fed pays it out, presses on buying. hurting the economy more than it has helped. editor-in-chief steve forbes, great to have you with us. qe appears to be at an end, sort of. $85 billion continues, the rates are moving higher, so that will be problematic. your thoughts on the timing on all of thisy the fed chairman. >> three years late, better late than never, what ben bernanke has done inadvertently this make it easier for the vernment to deficit spending, get back on their feet, issue newonds but for the rest of the economy, smaller businesses like with what they said in russia, health care is free but you can't get any. they a thehe job creators, they are hurt by what bernanke did. not much left for the small guys. lou: a lot of lilimited government, some of them are anti-fed. oh, my gosh, we cannot conclude it a $5 billion per month. i do not like what he has done, bbt don't let him reverse course here. there is a chorus of hypocrisy in pleading for more punch bowl, please. >> it is hard to give up when you have it. bernanke will not d
FOX Business
Jun 14, 2013 10:00pm EDT
the economy and h supply of credit. lou: whatis low volume this week? you interpret the reas for that forhe pcoming meeting and all of the query that wenow can presume and o other factor? like it is being held in thi area. >> perhaps it is not abad idea that to the sideline and have someone take a chance. lou: o of my favorite gurus out tre right now --they ce upith more noense. they are pushing a 30 year bull marketin bonds straight in to what they are trying to lift it with all forces, talking about a 60% chanceof a recession in the next three to five years. what is going on in the minds of these folks. what are tpushing? i know that they are pushing this a bit. but what in the world is going on with the business that they are even paying atntion this? >> there is a 60% chance of a reion. in three to five years, we are going to forget about hs. >> this is all that is going on. other people are talkingbout the forhcomg 10 year treasury bond, which thi is unlike anytime soo. lou: are the edge funds managers getng dumber? who is paying attentionto this blabber and noense? >> maybe they are
FOX Business
Jun 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
for a monday. housing continues to be a bright spot on our economy. homebuilder sentiment jumping to the highest level in seven years. gold dropping four and a half dollars to $13.83 per ounce. crude oil flat settling just under $90 per barrel. the bond market, the yield on the ten year rose to its just over 2%. developments in the irs scandal. irs supervisor in washington d.c. admitting she was personally involved in the viewing of some of the earliest applications for tea party groups who were seeking tax-exempt status, including dozens of requests that were neglected for more than a year somehow. her testimony to congressional investigators directly contradicts claims by the internal revenue service leaders just a small group of agents in cincinnati where the only ones responsible for the targeting of the tea party and conservative groups. and a cincinnati-based irs agent confirms pro-israel groups were also targeted -- well, treated differently from other applications that think is a way that they put it. he says, those requests were routinely routed to a unit that examines gr
FOX Business
Jun 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
just start tapering bond purchases. if the economy continues to improve as it has, no one seems to like what bernanke said except the shorts. the dow jones industrials experiencing its seventh straight triple digit move. its ninth 200-. swing in the last 20 days. today falling 206 points. the s&p lost 23, the nasdaq down 40 call volume on the big board picking up to three and a half billion shares a day. gold up $7, closing at $1,374 per ounce. crude oil down $0.20 settling at $98.24 per barrel. in the bond market the yield on the 10-year is soaring to over two and a half%, the highest since march of last year. stocks, bonds to our crude oil all down. gold up a little. quite a day, quite a reaction. here tomorrow, house judiciary committee member joins us. we will discuss whether the attorney general should be charged with perjury. up next, the cbo scores the gang of eight immigration bill, pulling up some interesting numbers. some of which a gang of eight won't be talking about. but we will end the "chalk talk" next. stay with us. ♪ if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to br
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)